Trader Jack Setting Positions. Where is Eric Wedge?

Chone Figgins will play third base for Seattle. This according to Trader Jack.


Miquel Olivo will be the starting catcher. This according to Trader Jack.


Trader Jack has yet to set the starting rotation.    


There was a time, perhaps still today on some teams, when the manager would determine who played where and that decision often made in spring training.


These pre-spring decisions mean Mike Mangini is likely to play third in Tacoma and Brendan Ryan will compete at second with Dustin Ackley and also battle for shortstop with oft injured Jack Wilson. Spring training will at least determine those positions.


And the Mariners signed 35 year old Adam Kennedy to a minor league contract with invitation to compete for second base along with everyone else who shows up.


Josh Bard, who signed a minor league contract with the Mariners, was told by Trader Jack that he would compete with Adam Moore for backup catcher, meaning Olivo has already won the job.


Maybe Eric Wedge gets to write out the starting lineups.


Spring training can change things, as injuries, or a cold spring by one player and a hot one by another, can force changes in thinking.


The only thing written in stone were the Ten Commandments, so despite what is said a month prior to camp, even during camp, what Trader Jack has said can be written on the wind.


But it does say something about Mariner thinking. It was said they were going with youth, but if Moore is back up and Mangini is in Tacoma, it seems the Mariners want to see how they will develop and how the Mariners perform in April and May will determine much of the rest of the season.


They still have a young Justin Smoak at first and a young Michael Saunders in left field-providing he wins the position from Milton Bradley.


But maybe Trader Jack as some thoughts about left field as well.


Stay tuned.




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