Edgar Martinez Will Get To Cooperstown

In his second year of eligibility for the Baseball Hall of Fame Edgar Martinez had 32.9 percentage of the vote, down from 36.2 last year. It is along way from the 75 percent needed for election, but some year Edgar will be in the Hall of Fame.


First his numbers need to be examined. He played 18 seasons for the Mariners. He averaged 177 hits, 41 of which were doubles, 24 were homers, 99 rbis, 96 runs, and 101 walks.  His lifetime average is .312; OBP is .418, and slugging is .515.


In 1995 he led the league in runs with 121; twice he led the league in doubles, banging out 46 in 1992 and 52 in 1995; in 2000 he led the league in rbis with 145; three times he led the league in on base percentage, and of course he won two batting titles, .343 in 1992 and .356 in 1995.


He scored 1,219 career runs, drove in 1,261, hit 514 doubles and 309 left the yard. Not staggering numbers, but consistent, year in and year out.


Also on his resume are seven all-star games; five silver slugger awards and the 2004 winner of the Roberto Clemente award.


What works against Edgar are his quiet personality, the fact that he lives in the tundra of the great northwest, far from the center of the baseball universe, and is not involved in the game in any visible capacity.


There is also the designated hitter aspect.  He played 2,055 games and though known as a DH he did play 564 games at third and 28 at first. But a DH is a position and when enough baseball writers who grew up with the DH become voters Edgar’s votes should increase.


There is also one overlooked fact. Every year there is a rookie of the year, MVP and Cy Young award. Those are the big three. But there is also an award given to the top designated hitter. It is called the Edgar Martinez award.


And you can’t keep a guy out of the Hall of Fame when they name an award after you. Can you?


In case you are wondering, the 2010 winner was Vladimir Guererro.


Whether election comes from the writers or by the veterans committee, Edgar will get in the Hall of Fame. He is one player of the steroid era who did not need anything to enhance his numbers. His numbers, his integrity and his sportsmanship will get him to Cooperstown. 



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