Why Mariner Fan Fest Is Not About The Fans

The Mariner Fan Fest is January 29 and 30. I won’t go, but before I tell you why, here are the events taking place:


Player autograph sessions-limited to first 500 fans with voucher; run around the bases; throw a pitch in the Mariner bull pen; home run Challenge; pop fly challenge; play catch in the outfield; Q & A with a player or coach on top of a dugout; clubhouse tour; tour of room that controls the rolling roof; kid’s zone; speed pitch; garage sale.


A scrutinizing and discerning eye will notice that the activities are designed for kids. That is all well and good, everyting about the Mariners is, but that is not why I avoid Mariner Fan Fest.  


I used to go every year. It was an opportunity to buy tickets for select games for the upcoming season. The Fan Fest was less organized, more a time where fans could congregate, talk, listen to presentations, all sorts of fun things.


You often hear sports organizations, Mariners included, make statements like, “it is all about the fans.”


Wrong! It is never about the fans. If it were about the fans, if it were something for the fans, then it would be free.


It was free at one time. That is when I went, because it truly was for fans.


But the last few years the Mariners charge to get into Fan Fest. It is $10 per adult and $5 for kids 6-14. It is, as it usually is, about the money, nothing more, nothing less.


The Mariners- and they are not alone-don’t do anything for fans unless they are getting money in return. So don’t tell me “It is about the fans.” For that you get the Bronx Cheer.


The Mariners will get my money on game day.



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