Free Agents Still Available For Good Ship Mariner

There are still free agents looking for a team in 2011, but are the Mariners looking to sign any players?


The Mariners need an upgrade at shortstop where age and injuries have made Jack Wilson questionable. Orlando Cabrera and Edgar Renteria are still available. The M’s got Brendan Ryan in a trade and that is one position he can play, so perhaps the M’s with little money to spend will pass on those two stars in favor of Ryan.


Pedro Feliz can play third and he had a down year, just the kind of player the M’s look for. But according to one plan, Figgins will be moved to third, with either Ryan or Ackley playing second. Hey, shortstop is open in that plan!


Derrek Lee and Johnny Damon? They want what the Mariners don’t have, money.


Every team could use pitching and there is Rafael Soriano for the back end of the bullpen, or starters like Jeff Francis, Chris Young, Carl Pavano, Jeff Suppan, Bruce Chen, Brad Penny, or Freddy Garcia. Brandon Webb has not pitched since April of 09 and we already have Eric Bedard so we need not add another pitcher who may not be able to pitch a season.


Of that group Young and Chen may be more likely.


But the problem besides spending money is that the Mariners would have to release a player to stay at the 40 man roster if they sign a free agent.  There are players who could be released like Jack Wilson, Matt Tuiasosopo, Garrett Olson, Josh Wilson, Milton Bradley, or Tom Wilhelmsen (p) to name a few.


Besides the free agents I named there are other lesser luminaries available.


I can not believe the Mariners will stand pat between now and opening day. It is just a matter of releasing a player or two, dumping their salary for the new player. It is logistics and balancing the dollar signs.


It is time for Trader Jack to be creative  


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