Mariners May Trade Space Needle For Statue Of Liberty

Now that the winter meetings have set sail and the M’s have returned with two players on their lovely ship, I can no longer contain my excitement.


Jack Cust?


He hit a career high 33 homers in 2008, then 25 in 2009 and 13 last season in 125 games. He is a career .245 hitter who takes a slow ambling walk to the dugout after failing to hit the white sphere 39% of the time.


Trader Jack must have his fingers crossed, hoping Cust will belt out more than 25 dingers. Some teams sign players, the Mariners sign hopes.


It could have been worse; they could have come back with nothing.


Catcher Miguel Olivo is interesting in that the last few years he has hit well and with some power.  But he did not hit when he was with Seattle in 2004-.200 in 50 games, nor in 2005-.151 in 54 games.


But they addressed their needs getting a veteran catcher and a DH. Didn’t they?


With Cust as DH, where does that leave Milton Bradley?


The M’s have said they want Michael Saunders in left, so Bradley could stay as back up in left and at DH or he could be moved for some relief help.


My guess he will be traded if possible. If not they will show Milton lots of love, talking about how he is part of their plan, had no intention of trading him, blah, blah, blah.


Cust, Bradley, and Bedard. What’s next? Maybe Seattle will trade the Space Needle for the Statue of Liberty.  


It makes sense. Bring us your weary, your lame, your forgotten. Here they will have a home.





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