How The Yankees and Phillies Cost Me $10,000

The two titans of baseball, the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, cost me $10,000. They did this by losing in the playoffs. No, I did not loose a bet; it was in a contest.


Here is how it worked. There are two division series in each league, one league championship and the World Series. That is a total of seven post season series. Each contestant had to pick the winner of each series and how many games it would take to win. I picked the Yankees to beat the Twins in 3 games which they did, so I got one point; if they had won in four or five games, no point. The prize for getting all seven correct was $10,000. Tie breakers are in effect should two or more be lucky enough to have gotten that far.


I picked all division series correctly and had four points heading into the league championship. Even if I get one more point I can get a $500 gift certificate from MLB. I correctly guessed six games for each league championship, but picked the wrong teams Damn those Yankees and Phillies.


The ten grand was so near, yet proved so far. Like a Mariner win it proved elusive. The gift certificate would have been nice, but that is gone as well. Only 31 out of thousands, perhaps millions, if not every person in the world, had perfect brackets through the division series round. I was one of the thirty one. Now I am one of the zillions once again.


But there is another contest brewing at MLB. In this contest, once again with the $10,000 carrot dangling, the contestant predicts how many runs, hits, and errors each team makes in each game of the World Series. Good luck with that. If anyone could be perfect in this game, the prize should be $10 million. Okay I have Rangers in game one going 3-7-1 and the Giants 1-5-0.


Another $10 grand waving bye bye.


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