Mariner Misadventures of 2010; Reasons and Solution

It all went wrong for the Mariners and it began before the season started when Cliff Lee was injured and missed April. By the time he got back the good ship Mariner was taking on water and there were not enough buckets to bail out the water gushing in. 


The team was so lackluster, so offensively challenged, so inefficient, that Seattle icon, Ken Griffey Jr., even fell asleep in the clubhouse during a game. Or so it was reported. But who can blame him. Need a cure for insomnia-watch the Mariners.


But there was excitement when former manager Don Wakamatsu and Chone Figgins created action of their own in the dugout during a game. Wakamatsu thought Figgins was not hustling on a play and Chone went after Don like Lou Piniella going after an umpire.


The team showed great unity as they came together to pull the combatants apart. Their peacemaking abilities were truly inspiring. But it would have been more fun if they sat there and let the two work out their problem without interference; nothing like a good slugfest to put fans in the seats.


So Lee departed as we all knew he would, Texas being the beneficiary. Griffey departed for a cross country drive, leaving the team with rumors he was pressured to retire, certainly an unheroic end to a heroic career. Not the way we wanted The Kid to leave the game.


Wakamatsu also departed, partly because of the teams play, partly because of the Figgins dugout incident, and some believe, in part because of his benching of Griffey. But when you don’t hit what choice is there. Junior played one half season too many.


The forces were not in alignment in 2010; the chemistry was off, the baseball gods spiteful to the good ship Mariner. But the off season could be a bridge over troubled waters. We must appease the baseball gods. Someone needs to be sacrificed. But who?







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