Branyan’s Back , Carp’s Foot , My Thoughts

The Mariners are losing two left handed bats, possibly for the season, not that it matters with the season winding down into the Seahawk end zone, and the Mariners as far from winning as the Sonics are from Seattle.


Russell Branyan with a long history of back problems is flying back to the Emerald City to see a spine specialist. I don’t know how many back doctors he has seen over the years, but one would think that some doctor would have discovered something by now.


Also jetting back, no pun intended, to see a doctor is Mike Carp who has a strained arch. Is this something only athletes get? A strained arch?  A strained arch seems like a sprained ankle. It will work itself out. Unless a strained arch is something that could threaten a career, a life, one’s ability to walk again, or possibly end a career as a piano player.


The good news today, Sunday the 26th, is that Josh Wilson hit a three run homer to propel the M’s past the Rays 6-2. It is a good win because the Rays lead could drop to one game over the Yankees if the Red Sox beat the Bronx Bombers tonight in a game currently under way.


It is not that I want the Yankees to win the division title, but it is good to play the spoiler, beating the teams fighting for playoffs or playoff position. These are dog days for losing teams as players plan golf and hunting outings, do early Christmas shopping, and wonder where they will be next season.


So the Mariners still have some fight in them, not just going through the motions, but still trying to win in a losing season. As long as they continue to fight each day, the fans get their money’s worth, especially if you stay home and watch the games on TV.




  1. devilabrit

    Congrats on being placed front and cemter on the MLBLogs opening page, it’s good to see teams playing the spoiler this close to season end, without them the seasons would end in an anti-climax….


    Phillies Outside

  2. raysrenegade

    Was happy to see Branyan traded to the M’s, who needed a big bat at the time, but his old injury habits seemd to push him back again to the back of the pack.
    When he is on, he is one of those exciting players you look forward to see come to the plate. I always loved seeing him stride up and take his swings when he was with the Rays.
    Got an odd feeling he will be shut down after his visit to the spine specialist.
    It is a pity, because I was actually looking forward to seeing him again at the plate, even if it was in a different uniform, this weekend at Tropicana Field.

    Rays Renegade

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