Pitching Prevents Mariners From Being Next Cleveland Spiders

Pitching, pitching, pitching; everyone needs good pitching to win. After losing Friday night to the Twins 6-3, the Mariners gave up two runs to the Twins in the following two games, but had only one victory. They lost 1-0 Saturday, but won Sunday 2-1.


Once again they must keep the score low in order to win because their offense is anemic. Sherlock Holmes has given up searching for clues and is on his way to SeaTac, soon to wing home to London.


He thought the Mariners bats were the problem, that perhaps little league bats were mistakenly shipped to the Mariners. He was assured that was not the case, as the players said they were real major league bats. But considering the batting averages of said players, their assurance is not comforting. Nonetheless, Holmes took them at their word.  


It has been suggested that the hitters are swinging at balls and passing on pitches in the strike zone. But an examination of video tapes ruled that out. Once again the players were the ones watching the tapes, reporters not being allowed access for close scrutiny of the tapes.


But rather than beat a dead bat with a rosin bag let us celebrate the pitching of Fister and French.  Fister allowed one run in seven innings Saturday and got the underserved tough loss. French also went seven allowing one run and got the win. They were both stingy with hits to the top hitting team in the American league.


And then there is reliever Brandon League whose era in the second half of the season was 0.42 before his one shutout inning Sunday. And Aardsma seems to be back in a groove.


So while the lack of hitting continues, and no doubt will continue through the end of the season, the pitching has kept the good ship Mariner afloat. Without Felix and the rest of the staff, the team would be performing worse than an expansion team, perhaps, having one of the worst seasons since the Cleveland Spiders who won 20 and lost 134 in 1899.  So thanks for pitching, pitching, pitching.




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