Aardsma Ruins Moore’s Heroics

David Aardsma came into the game in the bottom of the 10th at Baltimore to save a Mariner win after Adam Moore hit a homer to give Mariners 4-3 lead. Aardsma stunk. He threw 36 pitches in the inning, only 16 for strikes.


Luke Scott of the Orioles led off the bottom of 10th against Aardsma with an infield hit with Corey Patterson coming into run for Scott. Adam Jones then walked. With two on, a bunt was in order, and Felix Pie obliged, putting tying run at third and winning run at second. Manager Daren Brown then had Aardsma intentionally walk Matt Wieters to load the bases.


Now that sounds like a good idea. A double play gets you the win; a force out at the plate gives you two outs and still the lead. The problem is that Aardsma had control problems-serious problems- as the plate was jumping around like an Oriole flitting from branch to branch. With his control problem a walk brings in a run.


The good was on a 3-2 count Cesar Izturis hit into a second to home force out.  But the bad was Aardsma walking Julio Lugo on four pitches forcing in the tying run.


Brown was lucky Aardsma only gave up the tying run as bad as he was throwing. It ruined a beautiful at bat from Adam Moore in the top half of the inning. Moore, who had three singles in four previous at bats, was facing Alfredo Simon. Simon’s first pitch was a 95 mile per hour fastball buzzing towards Moore’s head, that had Moore not ducked away, he would have had new dental work. If the pitch was meant to intimidate Moore it did not work. He hit the fourth pitch deep into the left field stands.


Then Aardsma ruined the night.


Bottom of 11th with Sean White pitching, Orioles win on suicide squeeze, with two outs no less. This is the kind of year the Mariners have had. Once again they walk the plank.


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