Notes From the Mariner Poop Deck

I suppose Mariner fans are taking delight in their 9-3 win in Cleveland. Nine runs in one game is amazing, remarkable, astounding, for this team. Heck five runs is a lot. And that is why I can not rejoice. They wasted an entire week of runs in one game. What will they do for offense in the coming week? They have no runs left.


It was reported that Milton Bradley will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his ailing knee, which has kept him out of action since July 27. But the truth is he has not been here all year, as his .205 batting average, 8 homers and 29 rbi’s indicate. I do not know if he is out for season or will return at later in the year. I do hope he returns to the Mariners next season as he owes us a bunch of hits and homers.


The Mariners are 4-1 under new manager Daren Brown. That should not surprise anyone. He has been successful with AAA players and the Mariners play like a AAA team, so it seems a good fit.


Speaking of the real AAA team in Tacoma, Justin Smoak is hitting .245 but has 6 homers. I am sure he will return in September, as will Dustin Ackley, hitting .304 in 102 at bats since his promotion. Also Michael Pineda has started 9 games in Tacoma and is 3-2, a 3.67 e.r.a. with 59 strikeouts in 49 innings. He should get a call up next month as the Mariners believe he will be in the rotation at some point in the near future.


On the Sherlock Holmes front, the Mariners have been winning since his arrival and he is wondering what all the fuss has been about. But he is happy as the Mariners are picking up his tab. He has assured the front office he has gone through rehab and is off the seven percent solution and vows to continue monitoring the situation, continuing the investigate of the team’s disappearance of runs. He denies the rumors it was his suggestion that Wakamatsu be fired and they, in fact, got along well in the short time they spent together since Holmes began his investigation. Wakamatsu could not be reached for comment.




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