Ichiro for Bloomquist ?

The good ship Mariner leaves the port of Seattle for their longest cruise of the year. They have a twelve game trip beginning with three games in Cleveland, followed by three game sets in Baltimore, New York, and Boston.


The Mariners are truly out to sea on the road this season with a 15-39 record. That is a winning percentage-if winning is the proper word- of 27.7.  If that holds true they should win three or four games. On a positive note they are 5-5 in the month of August.


And believe it or not, in June, the dysfunction Mariners actually had a winning record at 14-13. That means the other months they lost more games than they played. Impossible you say!  Not for the M’s. Anything is possible.


Sherlock Holmes still on the case, by the way, will be making the trip, looking for possible signs of sabotage. The other night Holmes suspected sabotage from within; how else to explain the Mariners lack of sensitivity to Japanese people by terminating their Japanese- American manager, Don Wakamatsu, on Japanese Heritage Night at Safeco Field, the Mariners home base. What was next Holmes mused, trading Ichiro to Kansas City for Willie Bloomquist?


Holmes was reassured by the front office there was no sabotage. He was told by a pretty young woman, an intern for the team spokesman, that they had forgot to check their promotions calendar and were unaware of what they were promoting that night.


After checking the files on the Mariners over the past few years, Holmes came to the conclusion she was telling the truth, as everything in the files indicated the Mariners had no clue what was going on at any time.


He thought he might be on to something. If they do not know what they are doing, have no plan for success-other than to have Kids Day every Sunday so little ones can run around the bases, stopping to throw up from eating too many over priced hot dogs-it could be the team can’t win because they reflect the ownership. If the front office has no clue, then it follows that the team has no clue.


So the culprit, Holmes was beginning to think, was from within after all. But who?




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