Holmes Continues his Investigation

British detective Sherlock Holmes was seen at Safeco Field during last night’s 2-1 loss to Kansas City. He was munching on hot dogs as he walked around the lower level concourse, drawing many strange looks because of his deerstalker cap, especially with its Mariner logo on the front.


As reported in an earlier blog, he is in town searching for runs that have disappeared from the Mariners. Having tried two hitting coaches, neither of whom had been able to find any clues to the teams lack of hits and runs, the Mariner brass turned to the famed detective to see what he could do.


The bats were inspected by former Mariner reliever, Inspector Bill Caudill, and he reported no deficiencies or holes in said bats. “I examined them with my giant magnifying glass and the grain in the wood looks good, not a problem to be found. I did not expect any other result, but we, Sherlock and myself, must examine and probe everything. Having eliminating equipment failure, we will turn to another avenue.”


When pressed for what that avenue was, Caudill said he had nothing further to say at this time.


Holmes at one point was sitting in the front row staring out into the field. He looked deep in thought, his concentration intense, examining in his mind, no doubt, whatever clues he had found, and how they may fit any theories he was pondering, if any.


 After being tapped on the shoulder, however, it turned out he was sleeping.


He was overheard asking a Mariner executive why catcher Ron Johnson, who can not hit, was sent to Tacoma and Adam Moore, a catcher who can not hit, was brought up to take his place. The Mariner executive mumbled something that could not be heard.


Holmes caught Ichiro Suzuki’s attention as he headed for right field at one point. Ichiro came over to talk with Holmes who spoke to Ichiro in Japanese, much to everyone’s surprise around them. The conversation seemed earnest and serious until the last comment made by Holmes which made Ichiro laugh as he ran out to his position.


Though it does not appear that Holmes is doing much investigating, his intellectually superiority, like a pitcher talking into his glove, hides what is truly going on. His methods are deceptive, unorthodox, yet, in time, he will have answers. I think.  






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