Is Aardsma Here Or There

The Mariners made the first blockbuster deal of the trade season sending Cliff Lee to the Rangers. They have said only Felix Hernandez and Ichiro were untouchable so any player could depart as the deadline nears, but is anyone really interested in any of their players?


The Red Sox and the Dodgers were rumored to be interested in David Aardsma. Since both teams have top closers in Papelbon and Broxton, Aardsma would, most likely, be used as a set up man.


He is the only Mariner in the rumor mill, but then there is always the possibility that someone not on everyone’s radar gets traded, although with so many beat writers, baseball writers, analysts, network reporters, and other TV talking head yackity yacks, it would be rare indeed for any surprises.  


There are always more rumors than trades, more possibilities than actualities, so I am guessing that if Aardsma does get traded-and I doubt he does-it would happen just before the deadline.


There will be a player or two moved after the no-waiver deadline, but they will be minor deals, not blockbusters because a player will need to clear waivers and a team can block any big trade.


In the end it doesn’t matter if Aardsma is traded. The Mariners have few games to close so a closer is not going to make a difference. If he goes, it will be a good time to audition, perhaps with Josh Fields, a Mariners number one pick in 2008.


The Mariners started off with a bang in the Lee deal, but I think they will go out with a whimper as other teams have more talented players to offer. It’s a done deal.


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