Following Mariners Brings Long Life and Happiness

Someone once suggested three things needed for a long and happy life. They are: something to do; something to love; and something to look forward to.


Something to do is go to a Mariner game. Yes their season is bankrupt, their offense is under financed and they make more physical and mental errors than a BP executive. But it is baseball and it is worth going to see Ichiro, Felix, and the new kid Smoak. There is beauty to a baseball game and you never know what you may see, like a no-hitter, a grand salami, a pitchers duel as they toss goose eggs on the scoreboard, a dramatic finish, and if you are patient, a Mariner hit. So win or lose, it is something to do. You don’t want to be a front runner, only attending games when the team is doing well. Not acceptable. Going to a baseball game is relaxing, a chance to escape your worries and woes. In the Mariners case, it is watching someone else’s woes. Watching them play makes your life look better.


That brings us to something to love. And that would be baseball on a lovely sunny day, sitting in Safeco soaking up the blue sky and its warm rays, munching on a Mariner dog-but not garlic fries, thank you very much-chatting with fans around you, meeting new friends, talking baseball, cheering on Gutierrez, hoping Branyan launches one to the Hit it Here Café. Relaxing on a beautiful summer day at the park is why baseball and summer go so well together. We all love America and baseball is America, just as hot dogs and apple pie are America. So why don’t the Mariners sell apple pie at the games? Food for thought. Anyway, what is not to love about baseball, its symmetry, its beauty, its grace, and its hot dogs.


And finally something to look forward to. That would be the Seahawk season. 




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