Mariners Fate Like Alamo Defenders; A Lost Cause

The first half of the baseball season ended with the Mainers wobbling, not swaggering, to a 35-53 record. Eighteen games under .500 and that was with Cliff Lee, who was 8-3 before heading to Texas.


Seattle is destined to meet the same fate as those brave Texans at the Alamo. They will not survive the season. Even with reinforcements they are heading for a 100 loss season.  


They can not win without pitching. They have King Felix who is 7-5, 2.88. Jason Vargas has pitched better than expected with a 6-4 record and 3.09 ERA. So far so good.


But Doug Fister who started the season like an up and coming future ace is 3-4, 3.09, and has spent time on the disabled list. His arm might be tiring and is a question mark for the second half.


Ryan Rowland-Smith is 1-9, 5.89 with no run support and Erik Bedard was to return from rehab but had a setback and his future is as cloudy as a Seattle sky. Until Bedard is ready Dave Pauley will take his place.


The bullpen has been inconsistent. They have missed their star set-up man Mark Lowe who was injured and since traded with Lee to Texas. Their closer Dave Aardsma has been ineffective.


The second half looks shaky. Rain outs would be welcome, but they have that roof that closes, so they have to finish the season, like it or not.


It is possible more trades will be made and there are the rookie call ups in September, maybe August if the brass really wants to look at someone. The second half and what the team begins to look like for 2011 is what Mariner fans have to look forward to.


George Steinbrenner died today. He and his group bought the Yankees for $8.7 or $10 million-depending on the source- back in the 1970’s. He rebuilt the Yankee franchise to baseball domination, got them a new stadium, and created a billion dollar enterprise. Love him or hate him, in the end, he was good for baseball, even for those who hate the Yanks.




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