Branyan the Magic Man

It did not take long for Russell Branyan to impact the new slugging Mariners. In his first game back with Seattle he got a hit and in his second game slams a homerun, both coming in New York against the daunting Yankees.


He may be a magical talisman, for not only did the M’s win both games, scoring seven runs in each game, but Michael Saunders hit two homers and Bradley one. And don’t forget Gutierrez who homered in the opener of the series.


He so inspired the team that Josh Bard was miraculously healed and came off the DL.


I suppose some will credit Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez for beating the Yankees. Yes, they are outstanding pitchers but they were not responsible for batting in fourteen runs on a team that normally scores one or two a game. Fourteen runs in two games!  That’s two weeks of runs in two days. Branyan magic!


The Mariners had been 11-26 on the road coming into Gotham. Horrible! Ghastly! Even with their two aces taking the mound the M’s were sure to tumble to the 47-28 Yankees. But no, not this trip. Riding into town Branyan brought potions, horseshoes, charms, and the bat of Roy Hobbs. He is the Magic Man of Happy Town, making losses disappear.


Today is the key game of the season. It is tough to sweep a team, especially on the road, and doing so in Yankee Stadium with Ryan Rowland-Smith on the mound who is 0-5 with an e.r.a. of 8.10 on the road would be the miracle of the season.  If the Branyan magic can transform another win against the Bronx Bombers and C.C. Sabathia it is clear the Mariners will not only get back into the race, but win their division, the pennant, and the World Series.


Send Branyan to Iraq and there will be peace. Send him to Afghanistan and the Taliban will turn over Osama Bin Laden.


I must pause here. The doctor has come with my medication.









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