Mariners Move to NL Central; Houston Headed to AL West

The Mariners have won six in a row bringing them to eleven games under .500. They still have a steep climb to mediocrity, but the Mariners have found how to win.


Here are the scores and who they played in the six game streak. St. Louis 2-1; Cincinnati, 1-0, 5-1, 1-0; Chicago Cubs 2-0, 8-1.  


I notice two things. First, the opposition can’t score. In those six games Mariner pitchers allowed three runs. They pitched three shutouts and three games giving up a lone run. The second thing I notice is the teams they beat are all in the National League Central.


So for the Mariners to win we need to find a team in that division that is willing to move, not next year, but now, to the American League West. Houston is part of the old west and considering how many athletes from all sports find trouble in Houston’s nightlife, that franchise needs a fresh start and with a 27-45 record, if they move, they are still in last place. The Mariners would take Houston‘s place in the standings, so everyone should be happy.


The Mariners can play Houston‘s schedule and Houston can play Seattle‘s. Easy once you see there are no real problems; a great trade for both leagues. National League hitters, particularly in the Central Division, will gripe, but hitters do that anyway, so what.


We will see what King Felix does against the Cubs in the series wrap up, but I think it is clear the Mariners are in the wrong division in the wrong league.


It looks like the Phillies are dumping Greg Dobbs. He has struggled this year, but he would be a good pick up for Seattle, playing, first, third, left field, and be a left handed bat off the bench. And he is a former Mariner.


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