Bedard Hits Road to Seattle While Lee Hits Skies to ?

Last night Erik Bedard pitched in the Arizona Rookie League in his first rehab start. He went 2 2/3 innings allowing four hits, one run, while striking out three and walking none. He got five ground ball outs. The only negative in that short stint is he threw 52 pitches which is a wee bit high.


But progress is being made and he will get another start in the Arizona League before going to a higher level minor league.


What all this means is that by the time he joins the Mariners and is stretched out enough he will get to say good-bye to Cliff Lee who will be winging his way to Minnesota, Detroit, Boston, either of the New Yorks, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, or maybe Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Diego or San Francisco. Any team who thinks they have a viable chance to win and have the money and prospects to make the trade.


Some of those teams don’t have the money and some don’t have the prospects, but I am not interested in the where. I am interested in who the Mariners receive in the trade.


Last season they did not believe Yuniesky Betancourt was the answer at shortstop and shipped him off to Kansas City. They traded for Jack Wilson of the Pirates, but with ongoing concerns about his hamstring he doesn’t look to be the answer either. So a top shortstop prospect would be nice.


If the Mariners have doubts about Mike Carp for firstbase then a prospect at that position would be nice. Casey Kotchman can certainly field, a viable Gold Glove candidate, but he is not hitting above the Mendoza line and he has no power at a power position.


At catcher, Rob Johnson has trouble with passed balls and hitting, while Adam Moore has yet to be given a full test. It is too early to give up on those two.


Pitching is always welcome, so there is another area to get a prospect. With arm woes infecting every team every season, get a pitcher.


So if I am playing General Manager-and who among us doesn’t-then I am looking for a team with a strong minor league system who has a shortstop, a pitcher or two and a power hitting first baseman. Throw in a third baseman and we have a deal.






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