Mariners Under Mystery Curse

The Mariners are under more than a dark cloud. It is time to look for the curse that has plagued the Mariners since their 1977 Major League Baseball inauguration. This is their 34th season and they have yet to play in the World Series.


Arizona and Tampa Bay came into the league in 1998 and both have been to the series with Arizona winning in 2001. Florida has won two World Series since coming into the National League in 1994. Toronto, Seattle’s 1977 expansion partner, has been to the October classic. Don’t tell me there is no curse.


Just bad luck you say. But bad luck comes from some hidden curse. How else to you explain the team’s bad luck in trades and free agency.


In two months with the Cubs, Carlos Silva is 7-0. In two years with the Mariners he was 5-18. At least James Baldwin won 7 games with his big contract in 2002, the one year he spent in Mariner blue, with 10 losses and a 5.28 era.         


Adrian Beltre hit 48 homers, driving in 121 with a .334 average with the Dodgers in his free agent year. Signing with Seattle he never hit higher than .276, not higher than 26 homers and never drove in more than 100 in any of his four years. He did win a gold glove however. Now with Boston he is hitting .335 with 5 homers and 34 rbis’s.


Seattle traded an entire pitching staff to San Francisco for Kevin Mitchell who played 99 games in his one year, batting .286 with 9 homers, then bounced back the next two years with Cincinnati.


Seattle got lucky with John Olerud, but being a Washington boy he may be immune to whatever is in the Seattle air.


More curse evidence: the M’s two new signings of Chone Figgins, hitting around .200 and Casey Kotchman hitting below the Mendoza line-named for a Mariner of course. Jack Wilson who came in a trade last year continues to fight injuries and Milton Bradley another player obtained in a trade is battling himself and hitting around .220. Eric Byrnes another free agent played 15 games and was released. Yes, the curse is real.


The bottom line, without enumerating-due to space limitations- all Mariner trades and free agents that did not live up to expectations, with many falling like a logged tree in a forest,  is that something is to blame. I have racked my brain pouring over seasons, looking for some reason. I can’t find it.


I am thinking it has something to do with the Seatttle Pilots, who went to Spring Training in 1970, but never came back. Rumor has it they took off for some Midwest city to play for a used car salesman. Diego Segui may be a clue to the case. He was 12-6 with a 3.35 era for the one year expansion Pilots that won 64 games. He returned to the expansion Mariners in 1977, but was 0-7, 5.69. He had to be the first victim of the curse.  The hunt for the curse must continue. Perhaps you have some clues.


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